In our latest episode, host Karalynn talks with Jennifer Todd, Founder and President of LMS General Contractors, about her impressive journey in the construction industry. Jennifer shares how she got to where she is today, having held various office and field positions throughout her career. She also discusses her experience managing hazardous materials removal projects and creating an apprenticeship training program called A Greener Tomorrow to advance underemployed people of color in the construction industry. 

Jennifer explains how pursuing a law degree has helped deepen her construction law and contract knowledge and how it has influenced her role as the head of LMS General Contractors. She also talks about her commitment to advocating for job creation and employee development and how she encourages diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Jennifer shares her insights and advice throughout the interview for young women and people of color who aspire to make a difference in the construction industry or any other traditionally male-dominated field. She also discusses her plans for the future of LMS General Contractors and how she plans to continue pushing boundaries and innovating within the industry. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Jennifer‘s remarkable journey as a trailblazer in the construction industry, be sure to check out the full episode now. And remember to catch up on our other interviews while you’re at it! 

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