Welcome to this episode of “Quit Getting Screwed Construction Podcast,” hosted by Karalynn Cromeens. In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Christian Scott, the founder of a successful construction company and the creator of a popular Facebook group called “The Contractor Network.”

Christian shares his journey from working at an IHOP in Houston to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry. He talks about attending construction seminars to gain knowledge and how he landed his first gig just before hurricane Harvey hit the city. He even moved into the same home that gave him his first job, learning how to do upgrades and discovering the potential for investment properties.

Through hard work and dedication, Christian started his own construction company and later created the “The Contractor Network” Facebook group. With more than 40 thousand members, the group serves as a platform for networking, sharing ideas and resources, and promoting local businesses in Houston.

Join Karalynn and Christian in this engaging conversation as they discuss his inspiring journey and insights into the construction industry, entrepreneurship, and community building. Tune in to this episode of “The Construction Lawyer Podcast” to learn more!

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