We’re back with another episode! This week, Karalynn is joined by Adam Toosley of Hirzel Law to cover the daunting topic of defective work claims. We’ve hashed out what defective work is, but now we’ll dive in-depth into the repercussions, how to deal with a claim, and your rights as a contractor when a defective work claim has been filed against you! Adam has exceptional advice for how to create leverage, react promptly, and save yourself from the courtroom when facing such a potentially serious claim.

This episode is sure to educate and inform and get you set up with the practical and verbal tools you need to keep your company out of a sticky situation. Be sure to tune in to catch Adam’s expert insight to you know how to handle a claim for defective work. Your reputation, quality of work, and income deserve to be defended, and this episode will teach you exactly how to make that happen.


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