How do you get started in construction? For many, the answer may be that they just fell into their trade. However, what’s a way in for those actually seeking to start work in skilled trades? On today’s episode, Karalynn is joined by construction media sensation, Drywall Shorty (A.K.A. Lydia Crowder), to discuss how she got her start, other ways to access the industry, and tools for growing in your craft and building a brand for your work. Lydia has been working in the industry for many years, and she is an encourager of all sorts of educational avenues.

Together, Lydia and Karalynn discuss the many ways you can enter the industry, whether it’s learning hands-on, going to trade school, or taking an online course like those they both teach through MT Copeland. Additionally, they dive into the utility of social media in the construction industry, and how it can serve to grow your income. This episode has an incredible array of tips and tricks from one of the industry’s most influential drywallers, so tune into to learn how to start or grow your career in construction from Drywall Shorty herself!


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