Nobody wants to fall short. And especially in construction, your work is a matter of pride. That, among many other reasons, is why a claim for defective work can be such a predicament. A claim of defective work can not only put your reputation at stake but can have significant legal and financial ramifications for your construction company. In this week’s podcast, Karalynn breaks down what getting a defective work claim can mean for you, how you can navigate it to avoid issues, and what you can do to protect against getting a wrongful claim in the first place.  
The construction industry comes with a lot of sticky details and knowing how best to protect your company through your business practices, contract terms, and communication style is essential to preserving the integrity and survivability of your company. This podcast episode is a must for any construction company owner and could be the difference between your business sinking or swimming when faced with a defective work claim. 
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