Do you know your numbers? A frequent issue among construction companies comes from mismanagement of finances. Whether it be under-quoting on work, losing track of invoices, or failing to budget properly, money is a problem area for a lot of construction professionals. This week, Karalynn is joined by financial advisor and coach of Heritage analysis & Innovation Matthew Reif. Matthew’s years of experience in finance, paired with his understanding of the construction industry from many angles, have collided to create his passion and expertise: Financial planning for construction companies.  
In this episode, Matthew builds a best-practice guide for the construction professional who is looking to polish their financial understanding and planning skills. He goes over some of the most essential building blocks to get you started on the path to proper personal accounting. Especially for those just starting out, it isn’t always in the budget to scout for and hire a bookkeeper. Matthew understands that better than most and has gathered some exceptionally helpful advice to make it as easily digestible as possible. If youre a construction business owner who wants to make moves to tighten your financial plan, this podcast is the perfect place to start.  
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