Every business owner knows that managing a team can be a serious challenge. When different personalities, temperaments, communication styles, and strengths collide in one place, it can be a hotbed for conflict. In today’s episode, Karalynn is joined by construction business owner and educator, Jordan Smith, who shares a nifty tool he’s picked up over his years of construction business management. Jordan swears by the SHARP system, testifying that it changed the game for how he ran his business and managed his team.

SHARP stands for Self-Starting, Honesty, Adaptability, Results Driven, and Positivity. These words represent a metric on which Jordan gauges himself, his team, and those who are looking to join the team, alike. This hack has helped him be a better team leader and empower himself to navigate internal conflicts more effectively. The SHARP method is an incredible, easy-to-understand, and easier-to-implement practice that business owners everywhere can implement to mitigate conflict and build a better business from the inside-out. Tune in for some incredible tips and tricks for managing your team.

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