No matter where you live, learning your local lien laws is an essential step to take when working in construction. One of the biggest issues we see on the legal side is folks losing out on their pay. That is why Karalynn brings in the best and brightest construction law professionals from each state to discuss the details of lien laws across the country. We’re back with another lien episode, in which Karalynn is joined by Idaho lien specialist and construction attorney, Wyatt Johnson of Johnson May Law. Wyatt’s years of experience practicing Idaho construction law, especially when it comes to collections, have equipped him with the skills needed to make ID’s lien laws as easy to understand as possible.

Together with Karalynn, Wyatt breaks down the rules and regulations of filing an acceptable lien in Idaho. There are some especially important details when it comes to sending notice, that he covers with great clarity. This episode is a thorough break down of all Idaho contractors need to know to protect their pay. If you like to learn and want to ensure you have all the tools needed to get paid what you are owed for your hard work, this episode is a winner. Listen in, Idaho construction workers! And don’t forget to like the episode, subscribe to the podcast, and rate us!

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