We’ve talked on this show about the advantages of having somebody handle your money. Last month’s episode on bookkeeping dives into the many ways taking financial management off your plate can empower you as a construction professional. However, profitability master Ruth King has some advice she thinks contractors should be aware of before they sign the contract and hire their bookkeeper! Karalynn is joined by the published author and podcast host of Contractor Cents to flip the script and talk about the importance of vetting the bookkeeper you hire to avoid getting screwed. Throughout her time as a profitability advisor for contractors, Ruth has encountered too many money managers that take a little—or a lot—off the top to keep for themselves. Because of this, she has some advice for how to operate when looking for a bookkeeper for your business, and times for how to notice if your bookkeeper is pulling a fast one on you! Protect your pay the Ruth King way and tune in to this incredible episode!

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