There’s no way to run a construction company without getting properly paid for the work you do. In the trades, maintaining your lien rights is essential to making sure you get the money you are owed. In today’s episode, Karalynn returns to her lien law series to tackle the legal requirements for filing a lien in sunny California. Cali contractors and CA construction attorneys know firsthand, the sunshine state is a hub for huge construction projects year-round. Jeffrey Horowitz, California Construction Lawyer, joins our host to break down what it takes to file a valid lien and collect payment in the state.

Horowitz has impeccably detailed yet easy-to-digest insight into the conduct required for maintaining your lien rights. This episode is an especially valuable resource for any California contractors looking to enforce their lien rights, so be sure to tune in! If you learn something helpful from this episode, like, share, and rate the episode. We’ll be back next week!

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