It’s Podcast time! We’re back in action, and coming to you with a new installment in our 50 State Lien Laws series. This time, we go to the Country Music Capital, Tennessee. Joshua Jenkins joins Karalynn on the podcast to break TN’s lien laws down to the letter, and explain the specific steps Tennessee contractors need to know if they’re hoping to file a valid lien. It isn’t always easy to know the rules and regulations for filing.a lien in your state: Do you need a license if you want to retain lien rights on the projects you do? What are the lien timelines required in the state of Tennessee? Are you equipped to enforce an effective collection strategy in TN, or would a skilled Tennessee construction attorney be a better solution for you? Mastering your lien laws is essential to your company’s financial success, and in TN, once you learn the basics, its as easy as nailing down the Boot Scootin’ Boogie!

Tune in, hear the details from an expert, and never lose out on your lien rights again!

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