Let’s keep the numbers-talk going with a fresh podcast episode, where Gina Malvestuto of Green Tree Bookkeeping sits down to dish on the importance of maintaining accurate and organized numbers on your projects, and the best way to make that happen—by hiring a business bookkeeper! She thoroughly dissects the problems that can arise for construction business owners if their money is mismanaged, and they do not properly maintain their numbers. Are you properly estimating your projects? Do you have a system to keep your invoices organized? Is your gross income growing over time, or has it flatlined? A bookkeeper with construction industry experience can be essential to elevating the financial success of your company, and this episode contains all of the juicy testament was to why that is. Join Karalynn and Gina in learning the secret to making more money—managing the money you’ve already made!

Lighten your load, and invest in keeping your numbers in order. Your company, team member, and wallet will thank you for it on the other side.

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