Episode 31: Turn Networking into Growth

with Chris Livingston

It is time for another new episode of The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, in which Karalynn is joined by Chris Livingston of the Contractor Growth Network. Chris is the director of sales at CGN, a company that focuses on educating contractors, connecting them with a like-minded community, and assisting them in developing healthier work-life balances. According to Chris, “Our end-user isn’t the contractors; it’s the kids of the contractors,” emphasizing that the work the Growth Network does allows contractors to be more present with their families and do so more frequently. In this episode, he explains the important impact a work-life balance can have on the overall well-being of contractors everywhere. 

Despite having no prior background in construction, Chris found that he loved the community the moment he joined it under friend and Contractor Growth Network CEO Logan Shinholser. After his time in the Army, Chris looked for work helping people, and CGN was the perfect fit. Since then, he has become well acquainted with the industry and developed a deep sense of respect and care for the folks who serve in it. In their conversation, it is clear to see he genuinely believes everything he is saying. 

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In short, CGN is an outcome agency. With a heavy focus on marketing and sales, they orient themselves to learn where you are and get you where you want to go. “We specialize with residential contractors,” says Chris. The ultimate goal is to enable clients to attain a $1 million+ business with a 25% net. According to Chris, the first step to getting to this point is understanding your ideal client. Once contractors have a clear understanding of their ideal client, they can start honing the skills that CGN focuses on, attracting and closing deals with ideal clients. These two skills can make or break a business owner’s functional success and determine their financial freedom. Luckily, the team at CGN are pros at making both dreams a reality. 

Chris only touches the tip of the iceberg regarding all that Contractor Growth Network offers. The team at CGN believes balance is the key to creating a thriving business and fulfilling personal life. Their mission is to make that possible for every contractor they connect with, and this episode spells out exactly how they aim to do that. For more business-bettering, potentially even life-changing education and support, subscribe to The Quit Getting Screwed podcast and ensure you are notified of each new episode. For more from Karalynn, follow The Cromeens Law Firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can also purchase the book that started it all, Quit Getting Screwed, on Amazon.

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