Episode 29: Perfecting Your Process

with Suhaiba Neill

In today’s episode of the Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, Karalynn is joined by an industry innovator, business owner, and fellow coach for the Contractor Fight, Suhaiba Neill. They discuss Suhaiba’s philosophy for developing and maintaining business processes, and why doing so is absolutely integral to any business owner in the construction industry. Karalynn first heard her speak at the 2021 Mile-High Profit Summit in Denver, CO, and was amazed by her insight and even incorporated some of Suhaiba’s “Full Circle” mindset back at home. Organizing and maintaining internal processes are a huge necessity for business owners, and today, Karalynn and Suhaiba break down precisely why that is. 

Suhaiba did not realize that mastering systems and processes was her gift for many years. Her mind uniquely breaks down and organizes functions and tasks and the steps required to accomplish them, enabling her to expertly manage her family’s painting company. After seeing the fluidity of the company and gaining insight into its systems, many peers within the painting industry told Suhaiba that she needed to share her gift with folks everywhere. Suhaiba has since gone on to fully launch her business and implement her practices to the benefit of hundreds of contractors across the trades. That is how The Full Circle Business was born.

She emphasizes in the episode the real value of systems and processes. When you have multiple employees in the field, it is essential that you have set processes in place to achieve two primary results: Consistency and Profitability. “You need both,” she says. “You cannot be profitable if you are not consistent.” That is the goal. When you have systems in place, you can easily and promptly train new employees and bring them into the fold, allowing your business to grow and scale with ease.

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Suhaiba’s business focuses on increasing your productivity by getting organized and is built with the perspective of the customer in mind. Especially in the contracting and service-based world, you are providing a service, so you should be all about customer service. Suhaiba’s goal is to utilize organizational systems and processes to equip your team to provide what she refers to as “an exceptional experience,” every single time. According to the Full Circle method, everything is connected in your business. It is either connected in a good way, or it is connected in a chaotic way. When you ensure those connections are sound, reliable, and especially consistent, you can better trust that your team will produce better work, and the customer’s experience with You will be greatly improved, as well. 

Suhaiba really dives in deep, explaining her system in detail and discussing the hows and whys of her different tactics. This episode is like a construction business management masterclass, all for free, so tune in and take advantage of this stellar resource! If you learn something new while listening, join our subscribers over at The Quit Getting Screwed podcast .and never miss an episode! For more from Karalynn, follow The Cromeens Law Firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can also purchase the book that started it all, Quit Getting Screwed, on Amazon.

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