Episode 28: Learn Your Liens, Colorado!

with Michael Paul

In another lien episode of The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, Michael Paul, a Colorado construction attorney, joins Karalynn to discuss the nuances of Colorado’s lien filing laws. Understanding the lien laws in your state is essential to running a construction business, and Colorado contractors are no exception! Michael takes this episode to ensure they have these educational needs met, and his expertise shines through in his delivery. 

Karalynn begins this episode as she begins more of her lien laws episodes; by seeing if Colorado Contractors need to have licenses to work in their field. Michael shares that, unlike most of the states she has covered up to this point in the podcast, Colorado contractors do not need a license to operate professionally in the state of Colorado. Outside of the trades that require a license to work within that trade, Colorado has no external requirement, which is unique. Colorado also has broad rules regarding who has lien laws and allows anybody who contributes to the project, such as material men, architects, engineers, all levels of contractors, and so on, to retain lien rights. This makes Colorado stand out as a particularly accessible state in the construction industry as far as work rights are concerned.

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In addition to rights, Michael discusses that no time is too early to send notice of your lien. While there are some rules, such as the notice must be sent via certified mail, you can send the notice as early and as often as you like. Karalynn and Michael agree that addressing an issue the moment it arises is best practice, and early lien notices are a great way to preempt any issues that may arise. “The longer you let it go,” Michael suggests, “the less likely it will get resolved.” Karalynn agrees, also reminding us that if the notice is filed sooner, it is more likely that there are still funds available, and the issue may not have as long a resolution period that way. Regardless of speculation, one thing is clear: access to sending early notices is a huge point of leverage available to Colorado Contractors. 

This episode covers significantly more detail surrounding Colorado’s lien laws. If you are a Colorado construction professional, be sure to take a moment and tune in to this excellent, information-filled episode. If you gain something from listening, consider subscribing to The Quit Getting Screwed podcast. Every Monday, we share a new interview with a construction industry professional, free for you to listen to and learn from! For more from Karalynn, follow The Cromeens Law Firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can also purchase the book that started it all, Quit Getting Screwed, on Amazon.

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