Episode 27: Coaching Cures for Contractors

with Dominic Rubino

In episode 27 of the Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, Karalynn connects with Contractor Business Coach Dominic Rubino, who also happens to be a dual podcast host (Profit Tool Belt & Cabinet Profit Maker) and a public speaker, much like Karalynn. The two have a great deal in common, and their conversation is as well-rounded as they are, so it is worth it to tune in. From struggling through business ownership all on their own to developing a brand and business built off of making sure nobody else has to do it alone again, Dominic and Karalynn set the stage for a highly informative episode. 

Dominic shares that there are “no straight lines” that led him to where he is today. He explains that he began in a corporate job after graduating with his degree in Archeology. He quickly became fed up with the corporate world, soon leaving it to go into business for himself. However, working for himself was not the roaring success he had hoped for. He was purely middle lane; his companies were not bad enough to close but not good enough to invest in. He decided he needed to try again and reinvented himself after getting training as a business coach. From then, he managed to build a coaching company from 0 to 120 million. After that, he sold it and bought a new one, which he grew to a nationwide franchise before selling once again. He used what he learned over his years in business and turned it into a fruitful venture. 

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Karalynn and Dominic tackle why they are in the industry, saying that contractors usually get into contracting because they are excellent in their field. Still, not everyone has the opportunity to learn the business side of owning a construction company. They each express that their mission is to level the playing field in the construction industry by bringing business education to contractors across the country. This episode is a perfect example of exactly how they make it happen. Tune in to get top-notch teaching from an experienced business coach and construction attorney! 

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