Episode 26: Learn Your Liens, Ohio!

with Andrew Good

It is time for another lien law chat on this week’s episode of the Quit Getting Screwed podcast’ Karalynn Cromeens is joined by Ohio liens specialist, Andrew Good, who dives into bond claims, liens, and all the other valuable details regarding filing a valid lien in Ohio. Andrew wound up in the industry after following the path of his multiple mentors and fell in love with the trades. In this episode, he spells out the instructions needed to file a valid lien in the state of Ohio with precision and clarity.

Andrew is a clear aficionado when it comes to Ohio liens. He explains that as far as licensing is concerned, it is only required in specific trades. For example, HVAC, electricity, plumbing, and refrigeration all require a license in the state of Ohio. However, most of the time, requirements are going to be determined by locale. Each municipality in Ohio has their own requirements. Many of them do mirror what Ohio State requires, but some of them are less stringent on the applications and licensing process.

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Andrew also shares with Karalynn that anybody who provides material or labor to the project has lien rights, which is true in a few other States as well. Ohio is pretty fair as far as what contractors can do as far as lien rights. While engineers and architects currently do not have lien rights across Ohio, the construction community within the state is pushing to make it happen in the next year or two. Some of Ohio says you cannot have lien rights in these two positions, but it is worth noting that there is a case law that qualifies engineers or architects who are providing on-site work in furtherance of improvement, that they have lien rights. This is still very much a work in progress but is one of the important tidbits Andrew shares early in the episode.

This barely scratches the surface of the details he elaborates upon with great clarity. Andrew is concise and speaks in extremely digestible breakdowns, leaving little room for confusion. Though there is enough information to warrant note taking, it is all simple info to understand and put into practice. Be sure and subscribe to The Quit Getting Screwed podcast  if you like what you hear. We release an all-new episode of relevant, free construction industry education every single Monday. For more from Karalynn, follow The Cromeens Law Firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can also purchase the book that started it all, Quit Getting Screwed, on Amazon.

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