Episode 22: Learn Your Liens, Florida!

with Jason Lambert

It is time for another lesson in lien laws! In Episode 22 of Quit Getting Screwed, Karalynn returns for the second installment of her fifty-state lien laws series. She is joined by returning guest and friend of the show, Florida construction attorney and host of the Hammer and Gavel Podcast Jason Lambert, to hash out the nitty-gritty details of Florida’s own lien filing rules.  

Jason leads by saying that licensing is integral in the state of Florida. While it isn’t always necessary to perform all kinds of work, it is absolutely essential in retaining lien rights. The repercussions of being an unlicensed worker in Florida are extremely high. For example, without a license and a written agreement (construction contract), Florida contractors do not have the right to file liens at all. Additionally, suppose contractors work without licensing and are caught. In that case, one of the primary repercussions they face is that they must completely reimburse their client financially and cannot keep any of what they are paid. Needless to say, the waters of being a Florida construction professional are choppy and dangerous. Jason’s insight illuminates the problems and allows for Floridian contractors to better protect themselves, armed with this new knowledge. 

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If you are a construction professional in the state of Florida, you MUST learn your lien laws, or else you risk the repercussions of losing your rights to being paid for the work you do! Jason thoroughly details the many intricate laws required to file a valid lien in Florida, answering burning questions and spelling them out in plain English. The vastly insightful education he provides in this episode is an irreplaceable resource for Floridian tradies.

Florida contractors, you deserve to be paid for the work you do! Your best shot at ensuring you get paid for every project is taking all the necessary steps required by law for you to file a valid lien and maintain your right to do so. Get educated and protect your pay. For more free construction industry educational content take a second to subscribe to the Quit Getting Screwed podcast. You can even spread the wealth by sharing the episode with other Florida contractors in your network! For more from Karalynn, follow The Cromeens Law Firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can also purchase the book that started it all, Quit Getting Screwed, on Amazon.

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