Episode 21: Winning the Contractor Fight!

with Tom Reber

Running a construction company is no easy feat. If anyone knows that to be true, it’s today’s returning guest, Tom Reber. Tom is a hugely successful construction business coach, having grown up in the industry and walked through every phase of working professionally within it. In Episode 21, he joins Karalynn to tackle some of the hard truths of business ownership, discuss his new book, and teach contractors how they can “Win the Contractor Fight!” 

Tom starts the episode off on a strong foot, talking about how his struggle as a construction business owner was first confronted, and how he overcame it by investing in himself and re-fortifying his mindset and belief system. In “The Fight,” as he refers to his coaching program, he refers to this notion as “TBAR.”

T: Thoughts, subconscious or conscious, will direct what you believe. 

B: Beliefs will lead to your actions.

A: Actions will give you the results that you want.

R: Results that turn out the way you wanted them to work to improve your mindset, and your way of thinking.

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It’s a feedback loop. If you can get it in check, it elevates the way you operate. It all starts with your mindset, and Tom’s teachings are indicative of that. Tom confesses it took him so long to get his mindset right. Plagued by negative self-talk and doubts, the only thing truly keeping him from the success he wanted to see was himself! According to Tom, once he decided to truly face his doubts and negative self-talk and find ways to counteract them, things fell very quickly into place. “It was immediate because I was relentless on the consistency of what I was going to drill into my head.”

When it comes to recalibrating for success, Tom is a seasoned expert. Not only has his ambition led his endeavors to a roaring success, but he’s also been responsible for hundreds of business owners doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their income through his coaching programs. Finding your motivation, owning your shortcomings, and developing the skills you need to bounce back from your lows and reach all-time highs in your business is the aim, and The Contractor Fight: Battleground Program is the game. Tom’s incredible, inspiring, and raw input in this episode is a true testament to his brilliant methodology and overall impact. No contractor will leave this episode without a takeaway or two, so be sure to take advantage of this free contribution. Build a better business and build a better YOU.

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