Episode 17: A Painting Contractor’s Path

with Torlando Hakes

As with all industries, the world of contracting certainly has its niches. Karalynn developed Episode 17 of the Quit Getting Screwed podcast to serve all the painting contractors out there, especially those looking to dig their heels in, grow their business, and connect with a community of other like-minded contractors in the industry. The episode features the face of the educational programming for PCA, The Painting Contractors Association, and host of the PaintEd Podcast, Torlando Hakes. Torlando joins Karalynn to talk about the world of painting contractors, why mastering delegation is important in leadership, and the many professional and personal perks of joining associations as an industry professional.  

Torlando’s two biggest points of emphasis come from his personal experiences. First, he warns folks against delegating everything and especially against delegating their favorite aspects of the job. Torlando remarks that his gravest error when first starting out was, “Delegating my favorite things, like working with people, first. Then I was left with only elements of the work that I didn’t enjoy at all, and I got burned out way faster.” 

Losing out on the parts of the work you most enjoy makes it significantly easier for business owners to lose their drive and commitment to the work they are doing. A helpful way to make the work worth it is to keep yourself involved in the elements you get the most gratification or satisfaction out of, according to Torlando.

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Additionally, Torlando stresses how valuable he found associations, and the communities they provide, as he was starting out. He dives into how alienating it can be to start a business and have the folks in your life not understand the struggles and plights that come with owning a business as a painting contractor. Joining PCA was not only essential to the success of his company, but it was also pivotal in his personal and professional growth, development, education, and relationship building. 

Joining a group made by painting contractors for painting contractors changed the game, according to Torlando. Because of his membership, he had a community to cheer him on during his highest highs and offer him perspective and guidance during his lowest lows. The sense of community he garnered from the group completely changed his perspective on business ownership and allowed him to become the business owner, contract painting educator, and community advocate he is today.

These points are only some among the many Torlando discusses regarding what he considers to be business ownership best practices for painting contractors. This episode is an invaluable resource for painters across the nation, so be sure to tune in if it applies! If you like what you learned here, follow the Quit Getting Screwed podcast so you never miss our Monday upload. For more from Karalynn, follow The Cromeens Law Firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can also purchase the book that started it all, Quit Getting Screwed, on Amazon.

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