Episode 16: Lend Me a Handbook

Episode 16 of the Quit Getting Screwed podcast features another experienced construction attorney from Karalynn’s firm. Kelly is especially well-versed in employment law in the construction industry, and in this episode, she joins Karalynn to discuss the ever-necessary benefit of having an Employee Handbook. From paper trail purposes and legal protection, to establishing a universal code of conduct and having a written guarantee that your employees will meet your standards to the best of their abilities, there are many reasons why having a handbook is in the best interest of your company.

Not only does having a handbook give you more credibility and more control in your company; having an employee handbook and enforcing it is massively essential in legally protecting you and your construction business. Your handbook can protect you from issues with behavior, misconduct, employee and jobsite safety, and more. Because circumstance, personal feeling, and other such elements have a hand in employment law, and in many instances those emotional elements are brought before a jury, it is easy for a court of law to rule against you when it comes down to company versus individual.

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If you as a company owner have not even bothered to set parameters for your employee’s expected conduct or given them a way in writing to approach issues in the workplace, you cannot expect to get grace for your negligence. An employee handbook is your best protection in an employment law case. 

There are many nuances as to why you need a handbook, and what plethora of purposes they serve, such as employee misclassification which Kelly spells out for this episode’s listeners. Her clear, concise approach often on these overlooked and convoluted points make this essential information easy to digest and even simpler to retain and put into action. To best protect you and your construction business from employment-related fiascos, listen in and take some notes!

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